Physician Instructions

PeaceHealth Laboratories publishes a variety of publications for use in our client's offices.  They are designed to support testing procedures and provide detailed instructions for best patient outcomes. Complete collection kits, including collection instructions, may be ordered through Client Services at 800-826-3616.

14C-Urea Breath Test1/6/2011
Anti-Platelet Drug List12/15/2014
BD Affirm Kit Instructions5/28/2014
Bleeding Disorder Coag History Form6/13/2013
Blood Tube Quick Reference Guide - Bellingham2/9/2015
Common Medications That Induce Temporary Platelet Dysfunction4/10/2014
Nasopharyngeal Collection1/7/2014
Pap - SurePath6/11/2014
Pap - ThinPrep6/11/2014
QuantiFERON Collection Instructions1/18/2012
Stool Containers and Temperature Guide1/27/2016
Swab Guide - Whidbey Island Washington11/12/2015
Swab Guide7/21/2016
Swab, Unisex (Aptima)9/26/2014
Tube Type Guide - Oregon12/28/2015
Universal Viral Transport Media Collection Instructions3/26/2014
Urinalysis and Urine Culture Collection Instructions - NW Washington5/23/2014
Urinalysis and Urine Culture Collection Instructions - Oregon5/23/2014
Urinalysis and Urine Culture Collection Instructions - Vancouver5/23/2014
Urine Collection (Aptima)9/26/2014
Urine Collection Guide - All Networks2/24/2016