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Methodology: Culture
Edit Date: 4/22/2004
Performed: Monday-Friday
Released: Steam sterilizer: 48-72 hours; Chemiclave sterilizer: 7-8 days; Ethylene oxide & dry heat sterilizer: 7-8 days.
CPT Code: 87070
Specimen Collection Details
Handling: Two manila colored envelopes are provided to client. One of the manila envelopes contains two blue glassine envelopes with sterilizer spore strips inside. The other manila envelope is labeled “CONTROL, DO NOT AUTOCLAVE”. Do not open this envelope. Store sterilizer strips at room temperature until use. Do not refrigerate. Remove the two glassine envelopes that are inside the manila envelope that is NOT labeled as the control. Do not open the glassine envelopes. Place them in different positions in the sterilizer. Sterilize normally. Do not sterilize the envelope labeled “CONTROL, DO NOT AUTOCLAVE”. After sterilization is completed, return the sterilized blue glassine envelopes to the manila envelope. Seal and label. Send the manila envelope containing the sterilized strips, the control envelope, and the completed requisition form to the laboratory in the white return envelope. The type of sterilizer must be indicated on the requisition form.
Transport: Ambient.

No growth.

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