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Methodology:None provided by PeaceHealth Laboratories reference lab.
Edit Date:6/11/2010
Performed:Monday-Friday (STATs daily).
Released:8 weeks after setup at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ reference lab.
CPT Code:88235-90 / 88267-90 / 88280-90 / 88285-90 / 88291-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection:20 mL amniotic fluid at 14-16 weeks gestation. Note ICD-9 code for interpretation.
Handling:Maintain at ambient temperature. Do not open or centrifuge tubes. Send to laboratory immediately for shipment to reference lab.
Standard Volume:20 mL amniotic fluid.
Comments:When ordering as a STAT priority (pregnant women), a preliminary report can be given in 48-72 hours. Indicate urgency on request form.
Rejection Criteria:

This test may require insurance company prior authorization before ordering.
Please check the prior authorization list
Failure to gain preauthorization may result in denial of coverage.
Females Males
Reference Range 46,XX Normal Female Karyotype 46,XY Normal Male Karyotype