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Methodology: Microscopic examination of PAP stained slides.
Edit Date: 1/18/2008
Performed: Daily
Released: 24 hours
CPT Code: 89240
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: Total semen sample by masturbation into a clean glass or plastic container.
Handling: Send specimen ambient or refrigerated to lab within 24 hours. If delay is unavoidable, semen may be spread on 2 totally frosted glass slides and submit immersed in PAP fixative.
Stability: 24 hours ambient or refrigerated. Unstable frozen.
Standard Volume: 1 mL semen or 2 slides in PAP fixative.
Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL semen or 1 slide in PAP fixative.
Transport: Ambient or refrigerated within 24 hours.
Comments: Please note sperm count on label. Low counts, below 10 M/mL, will require preparation of centrifuged semen slides.
Rejection Criteria: Frozen semen, insufficient volume.

Reference Range:
>14% normal sperm. WHO strict morphologic criteria used.

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