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Methodology: Chromogenic agar Culture
Edit Date: 6/11/2010
Performed: Daily
Released: Preliminary positive results as available. Final negative report at 7 days. Final positive report at >7 days.
CPT Code: 87081
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: Vaginal or oropharyngeal (tongue, throat, mouth) specimen using a routine culture transport swab, urine in sterile plastic container, or stool in clean plastic container.
Stability: Vaginal or oropharyngeal specimen 24 hours ambient or refrigerated. Urine or stool specimen 24 hours refrigerated; unstable frozen.
Transport: Vaginal or oropharyngeal specimen ambient or refrigerated. Urine or stool specimen refrigerated.
Comments: Each isolate of yeast will be identified. An additional charge may be added for each identification.

See also Fungus Culture (64300) or Fungus Culture – Skin, Hair, or Nails (64302), or Fungus Culture, Skin, Hair or Nails, & KOH Preparation (64310).

Rejection Criteria: Delayed transport; frozen specimen; swab not in transport medium.

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