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Methodology: Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA)
Edit Date: 9/25/2006
Performed: Monday-Friday
Released: Same day
CPT Code: 80400, 82533
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: Three specimens total for cortisol levels: one 7.5 mL serum separator tube (SST) per draw. Also acceptable: Plasma separator tube (PST), red top tube or green top tube per draw. Draw baseline specimen prior to injection of cortrosyn. Draw specimens at 30-60minutes following injection (the time interval may vary depending on the physician’s requirements).
Handling: Allow to clot, centrifuge and separate serum within 2 hours. Refrigerate. Indicate draw time and order of draw, i.e., “1 of 3,” etc., on each specimen. Freeze if specimen cannot be assayed within 48 hours. Allow no more than one freeze/thaw cycle.
Standard Volume: 0.5 mL serum per draw.
Minimum Volume: 100 µL serum per draw.
Transport: Refrigerated or frozen on dry ice.
Comments: The procedure is intended to be used as a diagnostic agent in the screening of patients presumed to have adrenocortical insufficiency.
Rejection Criteria: Specimen frozen and thawed more than once.

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