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Alias Names:Aspirin Resist
Methodology:Accumentrics VerifyNow / Whole Blood Platelet Aggregometry
Edit Date:6/11/2010
Released:Same day as tested
CPT Code:85576 x2
Specimen Collection Details
Collection:One 2 mL Greiner light blue top tube (sodium citrate). Also acceptable: One 2.7 mL BD light blue top tube (sodium citrate). BD 1.8 mL light blue tube will not be sufficient quantity for testing. Fill completely, at least 90% full. The tube should be drawn after a red top tube, even if 2 mL must be drawn and discarded, and BEFORE any lavender top tubes. After collection, invert the tube 5 times to mix. Alternatively, collection may be performed at any Eugene/Springfield Patient Service Center.
Handling:Keep ambient. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Do not place tubes on a blood rocker, in a centrifuge, or send through a pneumatic tube system. Deliver via STAT courier to PeaceHealth Laboratories, 123 International Way, Springfield.
Stability:Testing must be performed on the whole blood specimen within 4 hours of collection.
Standard Volume:2.0 mL whole blood.
Minimum Volume:2.0 mL whole blood.
Comments:To evaluate patients with a clinical suspicion of Von Willebrand disease (VWD). For a list of drugs that may interfere with this test, see Platelet Active Drug List.
Rejection Criteria:Clotting or marked hemolysis; specimen refrigerated longer than 15 minutes, sent through a pneumatic tube, centrifuged, or more than 4 hours old.
Reference Range:
620-672 ARU Normal range
550-700 ARU No aspirin effect
350-549 ARU Aspirin therapeutic range
ARU = Aspirin-Reaction Unit