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Alias Names:CoaguChek / Protime fingerstick
Methodology:CoaguChek / Electromagnetic Field Kinetics
Edit Date:7/13/2009
Performed:Daily, by appointment
Released:Same day as tested
CPT Code:85610
Specimen Collection Details
Collection:Outpatient testing is performed by PeaceHealth Laboratories phlebotomy staff, by appointment only, at the Patient Service Center, 1162 Willamette Street, Eugene. Call 687.6084 to schedule. For house call testing on a limited basis, call 984.8258 or 915.4016.
Performed immediately from finger-stick collection on patient.
Comments:The whole blood Prothrombin Time is available for testing of infants, or patients with special circumstances. It is not intended to replace the routine Prothrombin Time (25000) for coumadin monitoring. Only the PT INR is reported with the capillary Prothrombin Time. PT seconds are not reported due to significant variation between this result and the main laboratory PT seconds. Capillary and whole blood INR show good correlation in the normal and therapeutic ranges when a good capillary collection is obtained.
Reference Range:
0.8-1.2 INR