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Alias Names: Cytopathology, Tzanck Smear, Tzanck Smear
Methodology: Papanicolaou / Diff-Quik
Edit Date: 4/2/2005
Performed: Monday-Friday
Released: 24-48 hours, week days
CPT Code: 87207
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: Specimen by scraping suspected lesions with a metal spatula.
Handling: Immediately smear cells onto a glass slide and immerse in 95% ETOH, or make 2 smears putting one in 95% ETOH and letting one air dry. Avoid exposure to heat.
Standard Volume: 2 smears.
Minimum Volume: 1 smear.
Transport: Ambient.
Comments: Source is required on the requisition and any pertinent history. Specimen must have epithelial cells present for interpretation. Refer to the Surgical Pathology section of the User Guide for special specimen collection instructions.
Rejection Criteria: Broken slides; specimen submitted on swab and/or media.

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