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Alias Names:PCA-1
Methodology:Western Blot (WB)
Edit Date:10/9/2009
Performed:Tuesday, Friday
CPT Code:84181-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection:One 7.5 mL serum separator tube (SST).
Handling:Centrifuge and separate serum into a plastic vial. Refrigerate.
Stability:48 hours ambient, 7 days refrigerated, or 2 months frozen.
Standard Volume:2 mL serum.
Minimum Volume:1 mL serum.
Comments:In paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD), a diffuse loss of cerebellar Purkinje cells signals the presence of an underlying, frequently occult, neoplasm. PCD is seem most frequently in postmenopausal women who present with sudden onset of ataxia, dysarthria or nystagmus. In women with PCD and type 1 Purkinje cell (Yo) autoantibodies (PCA-1), the associated malignancy is most often gynecologic (especially ovarian) or breast cancer.
Rejection Criteria:Plasma.