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Methodology: Agarose Electrophoresis (AE) / Inspection (Insp) / Nephelometry (NEPH)
Edit Date: 1/26/2010
Components: Cryoglobulin 72 hours / Cryoglobulin 7 days / Cryoprecipitate IgG / Cryoprecipitate IgM / Cryoprecipitate IgA / Cryoprecipitate RF / IFE on Cryoprecipitate
Performed: Monday-Saturday
Released: 7 days after setup at PeaceHealth Laboratories reference lab
CPT Code: 82595-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: Two 5 mL red top tubes which have been pre-warmed to 37° C. Patient must be fasting. NOTE: Do not collect on a Friday.
Handling: Immediately after collection, incubate red top tube at 37° C for one hour. Centrifuge and, maintaining at 37° C, separate serum into a plastic vial, labeled as serum. Specimen can now be held ambient. Do not refrigerate or freeze.
Stability: 72 hours ambient. Unstable refrigerated or frozen.
Standard Volume: 5 mL serum.
Minimum Volume: 3 mL serum.
Transport: Ambient.
Comments: If cryoglobulin is present, Cryoprecipitate is tested for IgG, IgM, IgA, RF and IFE for an additional fee. Add 2 to 4 days to turnaround time.

Cryoglobulins may be present in macroglobulinemia of Waldenstrom, myeloma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, lupus, chronic active hepatitis, and other viral infections.

Rejection Criteria: Specimen not incubated at 37° C for one hour or maintained at 37° C during collection process; refrigerated or frozen specimen.

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