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Alias Names: B pertussis / B parapertussis / B. pertussis / B. parapertussis
Methodology: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Edit Date: 10/4/2010
Performed: Daily
Released: Same day as tested
CPT Code: 87801
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: One nasopharyngeal (not throat) specimen collected on a rayon or Dacron (polyester) swab. Place swab in M4RT/M4 transport medium. Also acceptable: Nasopharyngeal (not throat) aspirate can be collected and transported in a sterile, screw-capped container within 24 hours of collection. Refrigerate. NOTE: Source of specimen is required.
Stability: Specimen in M4RT or M4 transport medium stable 4 hours ambient, 48 hours refrigerated, or 14 days frozen.
Transport: Refrigerated if received at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ testing laboratory within 48 hours, or frozen for delayed transport.
Comments: A negative result does not rule out the presence of B. pertussis or B. parapertussis DNA in concentrations below the level of detection of the assay. A false positive for B. pertussis may occur in specimens containing B. holmessi DNA.
Rejection Criteria: Calcium-alginate swab (shown to inhibit PCR); specimen other than nasopharyngeal swab or aspirate; specimen received in Regan-Lowe medium; improper collection and transport of specimen.

Reference Range:
DNA not detected

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