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Edit Date: 7/28/2010
Performed: Monday, Thursday
Released: 2-7 days after set up at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ reference lab
CPT Code: 83891-90 / 83896-90 x4 / 83898-90 x2 / 83912-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: One 4 mL lavender top tube (EDTA). Also acceptable: One 3 mL yellow top tube (ACD) Solution A or B.
Handling: Submit whole blood. Refrigerate.
Stability: 72 hours ambient or 7 days refrigerated. Unstable frozen.
Standard Volume: 3 mL whole blood
Minimum Volume: 1 mL whole blood
Transport: Refrigerated.
Comments: Counselling and informed consent form are recommended for genetic testing. Consent forms are available from Client Services.

This test is not recommended for the assessment of cardiovascular risk in nondiabetics as there is poor evidence of a correlation between the genotype and cardiovascular risk.

Rejection Criteria: Heparinized or frozen specimen.

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