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Alias Names: 3 Alpha / 17 Beta / 3-Alpha AG / 17-Alpha / 17B-diol glucuronide / 3a-Androstanediol glucuronide / 5a-androstane-3a / Alpha 3-AG
Methodology: Radioimmunoassay
Edit Date: 8/31/2010
Performed: Tuesday
Released: 1-8 days after setup at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ reference lab
CPT Code: 82154-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: One 7.5 mL serum separator tube (SST). Also acceptable: One 4 mL lavender top tube (EDTA).
Handling: Allow to clot, centrifuge and within one hour separate serum or plasma into a plastic vial. Freeze within 24 hours of collection.
Stability: After separation from cells: 2 hours ambient, 24 hours refrigerated, or 6 months frozen.
Standard Volume: 1 mL serum or plasma
Minimum Volume: 300 µL serum or plasma
Transport: Frozen on dry ice.
Rejection Criteria: Hemolysis or lipemia.

Reference Range:
ADULT FEMALES Premenopausal 0.5-5.4 ng/mL
Postmenopausal 0.1-6.0 ng/mL
Hirsute 1.3-9.4 ng/mL
ADULT MALES 3.4-22.0 ng/mL

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