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Methodology:Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)
Edit Date:6/11/2010
Performed:Tuesday-Friday, Saturday
Released:Same day as tested
CPT Code:87329
Specimen Collection Details
Collection:Random stool in clean, dry plastic container or in any of the following preservatives: 10% formalin, sodium acetate acetic acid formalin (SAF), or C & S medium.
Stability:Unpreserved specimen stable 48 hours refrigerated or 7 days frozen ≤ -20° C. Formalin and SAF specimens stable 2 months ambient or refrigerated. C & S medium stable 7 days refrigerated or frozen ≤ -20° C.
Standard Volume:5 gm solid stool or 5 mL liquid stool.
Minimum Volume:2 gm solid stool or 2 mL liquid stool.
Transport:Unpreserved specimen or C&S specimen refrigerated, or frozen on dry ice. Formalin or SAF specimen ambient or refrigerated.
Comments:As this test detects Giardia-specific antigen, it is more sensitive than the Ova and Parasite Exam (67000). However, this immunoassay is not a substitute for the Ova and Parasite Exam if parasites other than Giardia lamblia are suspected.
Rejection Criteria:Delayed transport, or specimen not transported at correct temperature.