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Methodology: Atomic Absorption/Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry (ICP/MS)
Edit Date: 2/16/2010
Performed: Monday-Saturday
Released: 1-4 days after setup at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ reference lab.
CPT Code: 83825-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: One 6 mL navy blue top tube (EDTA).
Handling: Submit whole blood in original tube.
Stability: Specimen received ambient is preferred, refrigerated specimen is acceptable. Mercury is volatile; concentration may reduce after 7 or more days in storage.
Standard Volume: 6 mL EDTA whole blood.
Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL EDTA whole blood.
Transport: Ambient.
Rejection Criteria: Specimen receeived in heparin anticoagulant.

0-10 µg/L

This test measures total mercury, whereas the reference interval relates to inorganic mercury concentrations. Dietary and non-occupational exposure to organic mercury species may contribute to an elevated total mercury result.

NOTE: Elevated results from noncertified trace element-free collection tubes may be due to contamination. Elevated concentrations of trace elements in blood should be confirmed with a second specimen collected in a tube designed for trace element determinations, such as a royal blue (Na2EDTA) tube.

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