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Methodology: Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
Edit Date: 6/11/2010
Performed: Wednesday, Saturday
Released: 3-7 days after setup at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ reference lab.
CPT Code: 84586-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: 4 mL blood in a chilled lavender top tube (EDTA).
Handling: Immediately add 0.04 mL Aprotinin per mL of whole blood (Aprotinin available from PeaceHealth Laboratories Sendout Department) into pre-chilled red top tube and immediately add contents of lavender top tube (EDTA). Mix thoroughly and centrifuge in chilled centrifuge. Separate plasma from cells into a plastic vial. Freeze immediately. CRITICAL FROZEN. If multiple tests are ordered, send separate specimen for this test.
Stability: 3 months frozen. Unstable ambient or refrigerated.
Standard Volume: 1 mL plasma.
Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL plasma.
Transport: Frozen on dry ice.
Comments: VIP is present in nerves throughout the gastrointestinal tract, vascular tissues, and central nervous system. VIP induces vasodilation in the respiratory system. In the digestive system, VIP stimulates water and electrolyte secretion, relaxes intestinal smooth muscle, and stimulates release of pancreatic hormones (insulin, glucagon). Abnormally high levels have been found in patients with tumors (VIPomas) associated with watery diarrhea (Verner-Morrison syndrome) or pancreatic cholera. This test is useful for detection of VIPoma in patients with chronic diarrheal diseases. Values above 75 pg/mL may indicate presence of enteropancreatic tumor causing hypersecretion of VIP.
Rejection Criteria: Hemolyzed or non-frozen specimen; specimen without Aprotinin.

0-60 pg/mL

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