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Alias Names: Folic Acid / Erythrocytes
Methodology: Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA)
Edit Date: 8/16/2010
Performed: Daily
Released: 24 hours after setup at PeaceHealth Laboratories’ reference lab.
CPT Code: 82747-90
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: Two 4 mL lavender top tubes (EDTA). The first specimen, for the Folate RBC, must be protected from light during collection, handling, and storage. The second specimen is for performing a hematocrit.
Handling: First specimen must be well mixed and whole blood transferred to a plastic vial. Do not use a glass tube. Keep protected from light. Refrigerate and freeze within 24 hours of collection. Using the second tube, perform a hematocrit and indicate the result on the requisition. If the patient has not received a transfusion or experienced excessive bleeding between the RBC folate draw and the hematocrit draw, any hematocrit drawn within 24 hours of the RBC folate draw is acceptable. Alternatively, order Hematocrit (21100) and submit refrigerated specimen to the laboratory for testing within 24 hours of collection. If multiple tests are ordered, send separate specimen for this test.
Stability: Whole blood 3 hours ambient, 24 hours refrigerated, or 2 months frozen.
Standard Volume: 1 mL whole blood.
Minimum Volume: 200 µL whole blood.
Transport: Refrigrated, or frozen on dry ice.
Rejection Criteria: Clotting; non-frozen specimen older than 24 hours; glass tube or tube other than specified.

280-903 ng/mL

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