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Methodology: Giemsa Stain; Microscopic Exam
Edit Date: 4/3/2005
Performed: Daily
Released: 48 hours
CPT Code: 87207
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: 8 thick and 8 thin blood films prepared within 1 hour of collection from capillary puncture OR one 4 mL lavender top tube (EDTA) .
Handling: Refrigerate blood. Send slides in slide holders or wrap in heavy cardboard and tape closed.
Standard Volume: 8 thick and 8 thin smears OR 3 mL EDTA whole blood.
Minimum Volume: 2 thick and 2 thin smears OR 1 mL EDTA whole blood.
Transport: Refrigerated.
Comments: Microscopic examination of Giemsa stained thick and thin blood preparations. EDTA whole blood may be used within 24 hours of collection; however, differentiation from malaria may be difficult in slides prepared from blood greater than 1 hour old.
Rejection Criteria: Old blood; frozen specimen; broken slides.

No organisms seen.

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