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Methodology: Culture
Edit Date: 3/17/2009
Performed: Daily
Released: Preliminary at 24 hours. Final at 48 hours.
CPT Code: 87070
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: COLONY COUNT ONLY: Aseptically collect 100 mL fluid in a sterile container. CULTURE: Collect 5 mL to 100 mL fluid in a sterile container. Collect swab specimen with a Routine Culture transport swab.
Stability: Transport swab specimen stable 24 hours ambient. Fluid specimen stable 2 hours ambient or 24 hours refrigerated. Unstable frozen.
Standard Volume: COLONY COUNT: 100 mL fluid. CULTURE: 5 mL fluid.
Minimum Volume: COLONY COUNT: 40 mL fluid; or CULTURE: 1 mL fluid.
Transport: Transport swab ambient; fluid ambient or refrigerated.
Comments: If specimen is water, swab outlets with disinfectant. Allow to sit 1-2 minutes. Run water 1-2 minutes before collecting 100 mL from midstream. CULTURE: Additional testing may be done for organism identification. An additional charge will be added for these tests.
Rejection Criteria: Delayed transport; unsterile container; frozen specimen; swab not in transport media.

No growth at 48 hours.

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