Specimen Containers

Specimen Containers
Specimen shipping containers and transport media for tests performed at PeaceHealth Laboratories and its reference laboratories are available by calling:

Client Services
Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

541.341.8010 (from Eugene/Springfield)
503.227.8564 (from Portland)
800.826.3616 (Toll Free)

Northwest Washington:

PeaceHealth Laboratories will not accept, transport or test any specimen contained in a syringe with a needle attached. Samples in a syringe will only be accepted if the syringe is plastic and capped with an appropriate non-sharp plug. Additionally, attention should be given when packaging the syringe to prevent the plunger from being accidentally pushed.

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Glass Tubes
PeaceHealth Laboratories encourages clients to submit samples in plastic transport tubes whenever possible. This is especially important for frozen samples, as glass tubes have a high frequency of breakage when frozen. That results in a loss of sample and increases potential for biohazard exposure.
Leaking Specimens
Every attempt should be made to seal specimens before transport to avoid leakage. Samples will be rejected if leakage compromises the sample or introduces a risk of biohazardous exposure to personnel handling and processing the sample.


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