Physician Updates / Lab Alerts

These periodic Updates keep you abreast of new tests and changes in policies and procedures. In these Updates, you’ll learn about test rationale, policy changes, regulatory issues, specimen and handling requirements, and normal ranges.

PeaceHealth Laboratories publishes Lab Alerts on an as-needed basis when time-sensitive information must be communicated in an urgent manner. For example, alerts may be issued when a test platform has changed, when we are out of a particular product such as a reagent, or when the manner in which tests are submitted must be changed immediately to avoid problems.

Updates are disseminated via courier and US mail. Alerts are disseminated via broadcast fax and courier when issued.  Questions regarding the content of a Physician Update or Alert should be directed to the PeaceHealth Laboratories consultant cited on the document or by callingClient Services.

ALERT: Holiday Hours at Patient Service Centers - NW Washington
ALERT: Holiday Hours at Patient Service Centers - Oregon
ALERT: CMS Requires Paper Laboratory Requisitions to be Signed by a Physician
ALERT: Cryptococcal Antigen by Enzyme Immunoassay Replaces Latex Method, Improves Accuracy
Physician Update: New Direct Fluorescence Antibody (DFA) Testing Detects Up to 8 Respiratory Viruses
ALERT: Universal Viral Transport (UVT) Media Replaces M4 and M4RT
Physician Update: Monoclonal Protein Panel, Serum Now Available with Higher Diagnostic Sensitivity
ALERT: Susceptibility Testing On Staphylococcus Saprophyticus No Longer Automatic
ALERT: NW Washington Specific Allergy Panels Now Available for Ordering
ALERT: Expanded Test Menu for Allergens

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