PROFIT from professional training

LEAD Program


OML teams up with experienced sales training professionals who help your staff better understand:

Our program covers three major areas. We help you with:

  • The mind of the buyer and buyer behavior
  • What can go wrong when selling laboratory services
  • The skills and confidence to work effectively with prospects
    and motivate them to work with you
  • How to become more like a valued adviser than a salesperson

During the two-day training, your staff will become more effective as they learn to help your prospects and clients discover what they really need and how your lab can meet those needs.

In addition, OML provides a one-day workshop on Stark II and antitrust laws as they apply to laboratory outreach. This workshop meets at our headquarters in Springfield.

The Result: Your staff are more efficient, effective, and confident in a business development role, and represent your hospital with a higher degree of professionalism. As an OML client, your fee for training varies has been negotiated at a discounted rate.


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