Our Pathologists


Pathologists are physicians with advanced training in the diagnosis and classification of diseases. Pathologists examine cells in body fluids and tissues to provide your doctor the information needed to monitor your health or make a diagnosis. Pathologists serve as an essential member of your medical care team.


Pathology Consultants, Springfield

John P. DiTomasso, MD Cytopathology
Lauren A. Hammock, MD Dermatopathology
Michael G. Herz, MD Blood Banking
Daniel P. Kerrigan, MD Hematopathology
Jeffrey A. Houck, MD Immunopathology
Denis M. McCarthy, MD Cytopathology
J. Robert McFarlane, III, MD Dermatopathology
David S. Meyers, MD Cytopathology
Deven Smith, MD Hematopathology


Northwest Pathology, Bellingham

Camilla T. Allen, MD GI Pathology
Ryan R. Fortna, MD, PhD Dermatopathology
John Hoyt, MD Neuropathology
Mike Kelly, MD, PhD Microbiology
Kelly Lloyd, MD GI Pathology
Alfonso Masangkay, MD Genitourinary Pathology
Greg Wolgamot, MD, PhD Dermatopathology

Lower Columbia Pathologists, Longview

William Elton, MD Nuclear Medicine
Helen H. Kim, MD Nuclear Medicine
Sheila Lynam, MD Surgical Pathology
Morrill T. Moorehead, MD Cytopathology
Laila A. Naqib-Osman, MD Cytopathology
Hasan G. Osman, MD Nuclear Medicine
Robert E. Sandstrom, MD Dermatopathology
Michael Wang, MD Hematopathology

PeaceHealth Laboratories Pathology

Mohiedean Ghofrani, MD ​Breast, GYN & Cytopathology​
​Julia Longo, MD ​Cytopathology, GYN & GI
​Di Lu, MD ​Hematopathology & Dermatopatholoy
​Melanie Markarian, MD ​Anatomic & Clinical Pathology
Berle Stratton, MD Cytopathology
​Fan Zhou, MD, PhD ​Hematopathology


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