Our Scientists / Technical Specialists

Our Scientists

​Stephen C. Erfurth, PhD​ ​Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology​
​Robert Liao, PhD​ ​Microbiology/Molecular Diagnostics​
​Grant Beardsley, MS, MT(ASCP) ​Toxicologist

​Senior Clinical Scientists

​Vern Ash, MT(ASCP) ​Molecular
​Mark Endicott, MS, CT(ASCP) ​Cytology​
​Angie Hildebrand, MT(ASCP)​ ​Point of Care
​​Judy January, MT(ASCP) ​Microbiology
​Lynette Long, MT, HHS​ ​Chemistry​
Michael Suter, MT(ASCP), SH​ ​Hematology/Flow Cytometry
​Timmie Birgornia, MT(ASCP)​ ​Reference​

​Technical Specialists​

Northwest Washington

​Richard Ferguson, MT(ASCP), SM ​Microbiology
​Ken Hoekstra, PhD, HCLD, FACB ​Chemistry
​Melissa Eiene, MT(ASCP), MBA ​Hematology
​Carol Wendt, MT(ASCP) ​Transfusion Service


​Richard Irving, MT(ASCP) ​Chemistry
​Teresa Gauthier, MT(ASCP) ​Hematology/Flow Cytometry
​Casey McCurry, MT(ASCP) ​Special Coagulation/Urinalysis
​Jimmy Pagan, MT(ASCP), MHSA ​Serology
​Rachelle Steinhauer, MT(ASCP) ​Special Chemistry
​Gary Flom, MT(ASCP) ​Microbiology

​Vancouver, Washington

​​Jenny Clow ​​Chemistry Technical Specialist
​​Sue Pierce ​​Hematology Technical Specialist
​​Marilyn Brugman ​​Microbiology Technical Specialist
​​Jennifer Hamblen ​​Blood Bank Supervisor & Technical Specialist 
​​Joel Mills ​Point of Care Testing Coordinator
Katherine Norton                              ​Molecular Specialist

PeaceHealth Laboratories