Detoxify Brand Review

You’ve probably been doing some things you shouldn’t have been doing. Maybe you’ve been indulging in some “recreational” drug use. Or maybe you just like to eat junk food and drink lots of beer—we don’t judge! Either way, you’re probably feeling pretty gross right now. You feel sluggish, your skin is breaking out, and even the thought of taking a shower seems like a distant memory.

When you feel your body is seeking detox, you may use Detoxify products. You must be wondering, “Does Detoxify work?” well, yes, your body should be purified, and they want to help ensure it stays clean and healthy. Here are some top detoxifying brand reviews that prove that Detoxify will help you eliminate toxins and pass drug tests while giving you all the nutrients your body needs to be nourished.


What is Detoxify LLC history?

Detoxify LLC is a company founded in 1994 and is based in Scottsdale, AZ. Detoxify makes detox drinks to help people pass drug tests and eliminate toxins from their bodies. Years of research have gone into perfecting their herbal cleanse formulations with a blend of powerful ingredients and herbs designed to get the most from Detoxify Cleansing Drinks.

They have several products, including Ready Clean, Mega Clean, Xxtra Clean, and their most recent addition – Polisorb.

Knowing which drinks can help you pass a drug test or detoxify your body is important if you’re trying to know how to detox from weed.

There are so many options: cranberry juice, water, and even coffee, but all of them don’t always work as well as Detoxify cleansing drinks.


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Here is their basic information, in case you want to reach them. Infused with a mix of natural, organic ingredients from mother nature’s roots, here is Detoxify brand review and  a listing of their major ingredients and benefits:

Oregon Grape Root

Oregon grape root has been used for centuries to treat various digestive and gastrointestinal issues. Oregon grape root is your match if you’re looking for an ingredient to help you get your bowels moving!

It’s great for diarrhea, upset stomachs, indigestion, and other gastrointestinal issues. The main ingredient in Oregon Grape Root is berberine which Detoxify uses in their drinks to help reduce inflammation by inhibiting histamine production (reducing redness).

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a flowering plant in the daisy family that’s been used for centuries to treat liver disorders and other ailments, including hangovers. It contains a flavonoid called silymarin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Silymarin also helps protect the liver from damage caused by several toxins or viruses, which is why Detoxify uses this ingredient in its drinks.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a natural diuretic. It helps cleanse the kidneys and liver, which makes it an important part of Detoxify drink. As you can probably tell from its name, dandelion has a bright yellow flower that resembles a lion’s mane (or “dandruff,” as some people call it).

Yellow Dock Root

Yellow dock root is a natural diuretic to treat skin conditions and infections. It contains tannins, also found in cranberries, tea, and red wine, which act as antioxidants that help the body detoxify.

Another benefit of yellow dock is that it’s a good source of vitamin C. It helps boost your immune system and improves iron absorption from other foods you eat — two important things to consider during your cleanse! Yellow dock root is also known to help treat rheumatism, gout, and other inflammatory conditions by reducing inflammation in the joints. Due to its amazing qualities, Detoxify uses it in its cleansing drinks.

Burdock Root

The burdock root is a natural diuretic that helps cleanse the body and remove toxins. It has also been used to treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Burdock root can also help with allergies, arthritis, bronchitis, and coughs by cleansing the body of allergens and irritants that cause these issues.

Burdock root is an excellent source of potassium needed for proper kidney function. It contains vitamin C and iron, essential nutrients for blood circulation and healthy hair growth, which is exactly why it’s extremely popular in Detoxify ready clean reviews

American ginseng root

American ginseng — a tonic herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries—is more than just the cure-all we’ve come to expect.

It’s been clinically shown to help boost energy and stamina while improving mood and mental clarity. Detoxify Cleanse drinks contain American Ginseng, which makes them feel like you’re on an island paradise even if you don’t have time for an island getaway!

Uva Ursi leaf extract

Uva ursi leaf extract is a natural diuretic and detoxifier. It also cleanses the liver, stimulates bile flow, and improves circulation, which helps to remove toxins from your body.

When Uva Ursi leaves are dried and ground up, they become an incredibly powerful medicinal plant. This ingredient is so popular in Detoxify Xxtra clean reviews because it’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and clear up acne blemishes and pimples while helping people manage their weight loss goals!

Guarana seed Extract

The guarana seed extract is a natural stimulant. It contains caffeine, which can help with weight loss, mental alertness, and energy levels. Guarana seeds have been used by indigenous people in South America for centuries to boost energy levels and promote mental alertness, which is why Detoxify uses this ingredient in its cleansing drinks.

What Are Detox Drinks For Drug Tests?

A Detoxify cleansing drink is a product designed to cleanse your body of any toxins in your system. It removes toxins from organs like the liver and kidneys, filtering fluids out of our bodies. Detoxify drinks help pass urine drug tests, as well, because they help remove traces of drugs from your system before taking a test at work or home. They work best if taken 3-4 hours ahead of time so that all traces have been flushed away beforehand.

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s get into the meat of detox drinks for drug tests and detoxification of your body:

Detoxify Mega Clean Review

Detoxify Mega Clean drink (tropical flavor) is a natural supplement that claims to help you pass a urine drug test with flying colors. To naturally cleanse your urinary, circulatory and digestive systems, this herbal cleanse drink contains Burdock root extract, milk thistle seed extract, American ginseng root extract, guarana seed extract, nettle, and uva ursi leaf extract.

You will lose vitamins and minerals when you cleanse.

Several Detoxify Mega Clean reviews in 2022 mention that Mega Clean contains added vitamins and minerals. There is a 15% discount on black Friday, bringing the price down to $30.77 from $49.99. Detoxify Herbal Cleanses come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. You can request another Detoxify herbal cleanse if you’re unsatisfied with the current one.


How do I use Mega Clean? 

Follow these simple steps to support your body’s natural cleansing process:

  • Take Mega Clean as directed and shake well.
  • Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Shake the Mega Clean bottle after filling it with water.
  • It is recommended to drink 16 ounces of fluid per day. If you drink water every two hours, you will experience the benefits of cleansing throughout the day.

Your urination frequency (three to four times) indicates optimal cleansing.


Detoxify Ready Clean Review

Detoxify Ready Clean drink (Tropical Fruit and Grape Flavor) is an herbal supplement that claims to help you pass any drug test for THC, opiates, and other drugs.

Extract of burdock root, milk thistle seed, nettle leaf, and uva ursi leaf work together gently to jumpstart your circulatory, digestive, and urinary system’s natural cleansing abilities. After a Black Friday sale, prices dropped from $24.99 to $16.99, so take advantage, and if you spend $25+, there are no additional fees for returns or exchanges (one time only).

Detoxify Herbal Cleanses are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your current Detoxify herbal cleanse, you can request another.

How to use Ready Clean? 

Here are a few simple steps to bolster your body’s cleansing process:

  • Drink the entire contents of Ready Clean after shaking it well.
  • Allow 15 minutes to pass. Add water to the Ready Clean bottle, shake, and drink.
  • 16 ounces of water every two hours can prolong the benefits of cleansing

It indicates optimal cleansing when you frequently urinate (3- to 4 times per day).


Detoxify Instant Clean Review

Detoxify Instant Clean drink is a detox capsule that can help you pass a drug test and eliminate toxins from your body. It contains ingredients such as Burdock root extract, Guarana milk thistle seed extract (helps with liver support.), nettle leaf extract, and uva ursi leaf to boost your body’s natural cleansing abilities with this sugar-free herbal cleanse that kick starts your body’s natural cleansing system.

The price was $59.99, which has come down to $34.99 per bottle; it comes with free shipping if the order is over $25+ and has no added fees for returns or exchanges (one-time only).

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is included with Detoxify Instant Clean. If you’re unsatisfied with the current herbal cleanse, you can request another one.

How do I use Detoxify’s Instant Clean? 

Here are a few simple steps to support your body’s natural cleansing process:

  • With 20 ounces of water, take the Cleansing Blend capsule (clear).
  • Give it 15 minutes to sit. With 20 ounces of water, take two Nutrient capsules (yellow).
  • Let 15 minutes pass. With 20 ounces of water, swallow the Metaboost capsule (blue).
  • The cleansing benefits can be extended throughout the day by drinking 16 ounces of water every two hours.

You experience optimal cleansing when you urinate 3 to 4 times a day.


Detoxify Xxtra Clean Review

Detoxify Xxtra Clean drink (Tropical Fruit or Grape Flavors) is one of the most popular detox drinks on the market, and for a good reason. The supplement is designed to help you pass a drug test by quickly flushing toxins out of your system.

Your body’s natural cleansing systems are boosted with ingredients like Burdock root extract, milk thistle seed extract, American ginseng root extract, nettle leaf extract, and uva ursi leaf extract.

In addition to supporting healthy, sustained energy, Xxtra Clean also reduces anxiety and enhances mood. The price was $$34.99, which has come down to $9.99 per bottle; it comes with free shipping if the order is over $25+ and has no added fees for returns or exchanges (one-time only).

With Detoxify Herbal Cleanses, you’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the current detoxify herbal cleanse, you may request another one.

How do I use Xxtra Clean? 

These simple steps will support your body’s natural cleansing process:

  • Drink the entire contents of Xxtra Clean after shaking well.
  • Set it aside for 15 minutes. Fill the Xxtra Clean bottle with water and shake well before drinking.
  • Drinking 16 ounces of water twice daily can extend the cleansing benefits throughout the day.

Your body is cleansing best when urinating 3 to 4 times a day.


Polisorb Review


Polsorb is a powerful detox drink that works within 15 minutes. In addition to relieving nausea and abdominal pain, it also relieves bloating, gas, and bubbling. Polisorb contains safe ingredients. There is no gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, soy, shellfish, tree-nut, fish, or wheat in Polisorb; it is non-GMO sugar-free vegan without additives. The price was $$34.99, which has come down to $25.00 per bottle; it comes with free shipping if the order is over $25+ and has no added fees for returns or exchanges (one-time only).


There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on Polisorb. The refund policy applies only to Polisorb and Polisorb Packets. First-time customers are eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee.


How do I use Polisorb? 


  • In both adults and children, Polisorb can be taken as soon as stomach discomfort begins, including gas, bloating, bubbling, or other issues involving the digestive tract. It takes just 15-20 minutes for you to feel relief.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons for adults. Pour 1/2 cup of water over it and drink. You can mix 1 tablespoon with 1/4 cup of water for kids. Alternatively, you can add a squeeze of lemon or any other clear liquid.
  • The dose can be taken hourly for five hours on day one and three times daily on day two if the symptoms persist. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day for the best results.



Reviews are the lifeblood of any business. And people are generally happy with Detoxify, and here are the reviews:

detoxify review

But also you can see reviews from users, who are not much satisfied. Such as Dania.

detoxify review

Carlos liked it and shared his plan to use it in future

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Another review of satisfied user

detoxify review

Review from Bello can not be called extra-satisfied, but generally positive

detoxify review




Does Detoxify work permanently?

No, detoxify doesn’t work permanently. This product isn’t a long-term solution to drug use—it’s just a temporary fix. You can’t expect to stop taking drugs forever simply by taking detoxify for two weeks, then going back to your old habits. Detoxify doesn’t work permanently because it does not address the root causes of addiction in the first place; instead, it simply masks them for a short period so that users won’t experience withdrawal symptoms.


How much water should I drink on detox Xxtra clean?

Don’t drink too much water. You must drink enough water to stay healthy, but not so much that you pee yourself whenever someone steps on your foot. At the same time, you must also make sure not to consume any other liquids (like alcohol) whatsoever, as this can reduce the effectiveness of Detoxify Xxtra Clean drink’s cleansing properties.


What’s a good detox drink?

There are many products on the market claiming to help your body detoxify. However, many of these products do little for your body. But Detoxify is different: it’s a natural product that helps you detoxify.

Detoxify cleansing drinks are delicious detox drinks because they contain twice as many herbs as other brands’ products. Therefore, they are more effective at helping you achieve optimal results from your cleansing regimen. Try Detoxify if you’re looking for a great way to get started with a detoxification program!

What happens to the body after detox?

The human body is an amazing thing, and it can be very resilient. If you’re detoxifying your system, your liver will kick into high gear to cleanse itself from drugs (Cannabis, marijuana) and toxins. Removing the excess water weight in your system will flush out the toxins that have been building up inside you for so long. The good news is that after going through this process, your body will be able to function at its best again!

How fast does the Detoxify drink affect?

There’s no need to wait for your body to detoxify naturally; Detoxify drinks can be taken any time of the day, whenever you need extra energy. They’re perfect for when you’re feeling sluggish or as a pick-me-up before an important event. A single bottle of Detoxify drink is enough to get through the day if you have a hectic schedule, but if you’re looking for something with more staying power and quicker results, try one of their Mega Clean varieties (available in mint or peach flavors). Or try out the Instant Clean variety if you’d like something easier on your stomach and faster acting.


Detoxify is a brand that everyone should know about. They’ve created a new way to cleanse your body and detoxify all the toxins we expose ourselves to daily. Their products are all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan & vegetarian friendly, which makes this brand great for anyone who wants to feel good about what they put into their body!

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