Easy Access

EasyAccess – Quality Lab Testing at Reduced Pricing

Our EasyAccess pricing helps you afford the laboratory testing you need to stay healthy, even if you’re uninsured.

EasyAccess is Easy!​

  • Reduced pricing on most laboratory testing (some highly specialized tests are excluded)
  • No financial qualifications or forms to complete

​How Does it Work?

For tests collected at one of our Patient Service Centers:

  • Pay by cash, credit card or personal check at time of service

​For tests collected at your physician’s office:

  • Call us when you receive your bill to determine the discount (800-826-3616, option 3, option 1)
  • Pay within 30 days of invoice date of your first bill

Note: Not eligible for insurance reimbursement

EasyAccess is available at all PeaceHealth Laboratories Patient Service Center locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EasyAccess Savings Program?

Our EasyAccess program provides reduced pricing for laboratory testing to uninsured patients. Once your physician orders your laboratory testing, you may either:

  • Pay for laboratory testing at time of collection at a PeaceHealth Laboratories Patient Service Center, or
  • Pay the total within 30 days of original invoice date for tests collected in a physician’s office.

Which tests are included in the EasyAccess Savings Program?

Most tests are eligible for discount in the EasyAccess program with the exception of some highly specialized tests and those performed by a reference laboratory. For test-specific questions, contact Billing Services via email, or phone at 800-826-3616, option 3, option 1.

How much are tests discounted?

Usually the discount can be a significant savings to you of 20-40%, although the pricing discounts vary by test.

Who qualifies for this program?

Anyone who is uninsured. There are no income qualifications or forms to complete to qualifty, but insurance may not be used in any combination with this program. EasyAccess is easy for you and your family.

How do I pay for services?

Pay for your laboratory testing by check, cash, or credit card on your way out after you visit a PeaceHealth Laboratories Patient Service Center. If you have lab tests done in your physician’s office, you will receive an invoice in the mail from PeaceHealth Laboratories. To qualify for the EasyAccess discount, you must call Billing Services at 800-836-3616, option 3, option 1, within 30 days of your first invoice date and make payment.

Are biopsies discounted?

Biopsies are performed by pathologists and not performed or billed by PeaceHealth Laboratories. This program is available only for testing done by PeaceHealth Laboratories. You may contact the pathology group who performed the biopsy to ask about case-by-case discounts or programs for uninsured patients that they may offer.​​​​​​​


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