How To Pass a Drug Test: The Best Methods For Hair, Mouth Swab, and Urine Drug Tests

If you’re currently in the job-seeking process, then you may be concerned about how to pass a drug test for weed. Recreational marijuana use is becoming legal in some jurisdictions, so many people are worried about the impact that drug testing may have on their jobs.

For example, if you have an upcoming drug test, you will need to provide a specimen of your urine, blood, or hair to a clinical lab for analysis. Now that more people are using cannabis, knowing about THC detox methods has become more important than ever.

Detoxing from marijuana and other drugs can be done in several ways. Here we have compiled all the information for your questions on how to pass a drug test in 2022. This guide will help with any type of drug test. Next info given by Peace Health Laboratories.

How To Pass a Drug Test

Frequently Used Tests for Drugs

They may take a urine, hair, or saliva sample to determine the presence of alcohol or drug-related metabolites. After that, lab workers will analyzed it, on-site or in a laboratory. Certain tests can be done right there on the spot with only confirmation needed, while others must be sent off to a lab. Any one of four distinct drug tests could be required of you at some point in time in terms of pre- or post-employment drug tests.

Urine Test

This type of drug test is widely used since it is simple to perform, straightforward to interpret, and inexpensive. In addition, several drugs can be detected with a urine test. These include opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, and alcohol.

Most drugs are detectable in a urine test after two hours of consumption. Fortunately, most chemicals are eliminated rapidly from the body, making a urine test useless after only a week. In this regard, it is important to note that alcohol is no longer noticeable after two days. But it will be a month before the traces of weed in your body disappear.

Saliva Test

The traces of drugs still in your mouth are all that this test can find. Compared to the other kinds of drug tests, this has the shortest detection window. It’s best to detect recent use of substances.

Hair Follicle Test

Many drug-free workplaces require applicants to take this exam because of how difficult it is to cheat. Drug particles stuck in the hair strand and difficult to remove can be found via hair follicle testing, which is advantageous. A hair follicle test has a high rate of success since it has a 3-month detection window.

Blood Test

In conclusion, a blood test is useful for detecting the presence of drugs in your system. Although this test is sensitive enough to reveal drug use within the last few hours, it is rarely employed in the contexts of employment. It provides the most accurate test results. Also, it is the most expensive testing option.

The Detection Window for Substances

Drugs Detection Period (Saliva) Detection Period (Urine) Detection Period (Hair)
Amphetamines Up to 72 hours 2-4 days 90 days
Oxycodone 1-2 days 2-4 days 90 days
Methadone 1-3 days 3-5 days 90 days
Heroin 7-21 hours 2-4 days 90 days
Cocaine 24 hours 2-4 days 90 days
Alcohol 12-24 hours 3-5 days 90 days
Cannabis 2 to 24 hours 15-30 days 90 days
Methamphetamine 72 hours 3-5 days 90 days
Ecstasy 3 to 4 days 3 to 5 days 90 days
Barbiturates 1 to 2 days 2-3 weeks 90 days
Benzodiazepines 6 to 48 hours up to 7 days 90 days

How To Test Clean on A Piss Test?

A urine test, often called urinalysis, is a frequent diagnostic tool for detecting drug usage. Want to know how to pass a UA (Urine Analysis) screening? Next info given by Peace Health Laboratories. If that’s the case, you should make a plan since there are a lot of things to think about.

How Much You Weigh

To what extent are you aware that THC from marijuana readily enters fat cells? This is why it’s important to conduct a self-analysis and get weighed to get a sense of how many metabolites you may be carrying. If your weight is more than 200 pounds, a 32-ounce detox beverage may be necessary to flush your system.

In addition, you shouldn’t work out in the days leading up to your exam. This is crucial to forestalling the release of the marijuana metabolites contained in fat during the fat-burning procedure.

Test Date

How much time is there before your test? You can use natural methods to clear for the test with only 24 hours to spare. Dilution can be a good natural option you can go for.

But suppose you get a week or maybe more than this until your test date. But know that marijuana stays in your system for up to 90 days. Except for this, most of the drugs will naturally exit your system after a few days.

Detox drinks taken on the day of the exam or the use of the supplement Toxic Rid in the days leading up to it can significantly improve one’s chances of passing. How long you have to run your tests is a major factor in deciding which approach to use.

Frequency Of Usage

You might want to keep track of how often you smoke to get an idea of how quickly the drug can accumulate in your blood. As was previously mentioned, exercise can facilitate the release of THC from fat cells and into the bloodstream increasing the chances of getting a positive test result.

To avoid this, refrain from exercising right up until the day of the exam. Moreover, if you suspect you have ingested a large quantity of marijuana, you should consider a test other than a urine analysis test.


You can buy detox drinks or kits already produced, on Walmart, Amazon, or CVS. Or you can make them yourself. The crucial factors are time and money.

It’s not always feasible to mix up a delicious beverage from scratch, and pre-made drinks might be pricey.

Passing Drug Tests with Toxin Rid

Stop using marijuana a minimum of a month before your urine test if you wish to obtain the best possible results. Also, you can use Toxin Rid to cleanse your body at this time.

So, what exactly is Toxin Rid? Herbs like Kelp and Alfalfa used to create this miraculous product increase urine production, which in turn facilitates a rigorous detoxification process.

Toxin Rid is a remedy for 10 days, which also aids in maintaining a healthy fluid and electrolyte balance, which is a major plus. As a result, the likelihood of irritation and dehydration decreases.

Medicines high in iron, magnesium, and calcium are available for use as Toxin Rid. Furthermore, the herbs may help with drug detoxification.


Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

  • Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours
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However, to get the results you want, you’ll need to abstain from marijuana use and maybe even do some dilution practice in the hours leading up to the test.


  1.   A daily regimen of 15 Toxin rid capsules calls for three capsules to be taken every hour for a period of five hours.
  2.   Take these meds exactly as prescribed, including eating lots of protein and fiber-rich foods and drinking lots of water.
  3.   You’ll want to repeat this process on the day of the test and allow yourself at least six hours between the time you arrive and the start of the test.
  4.   2-hours after finishing your last capsule on test day, sip the first eight ounces of your detox beverage with water.
  5.   Don’t eat or drink something for the upcoming two hours while you wait.
  6.   Finally, two hours prior to the test, finish the remaining detox juice.
  7.   Take a b-vitamin complex and creatine supplement in doses appropriate for your BMI to round up your diluting routine.
  8.   For up to five hours after the operation, your body will feel cleaner.

Best Way to Pass Drug Test: THC Detox Methods

Here are other THC detox options that may assist clear your system in addition to detox options like Toxin Rid:

Detox Drinks

If you want to be clean fast, try a detox drink. The finest detox beverages are effective at removing harmful toxins from the body while also leaving vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals intact.

If you want to avoid dehydration as you cut back on drug use, it’s important to find a detox drink that contains herbs and electrolytes. For example, you can try Mega Clean

The market is flooded with detox beverages. Pick the one that’s simple to understand and use, as these tend to get the best reviews from actual customers.

Hair Shampoo

Though it may sound counterintuitive, hair washes can also be used to clean the body in preparation for an exam. Even though they don’t fool urine tests, these shampoos can mask traces of drugs in your hair.

In that case, how does a shampoo that claims to be a “detox” work? Cleansing your hair follicles in this way helps remove any lingering THC particles that may have made their way through your system and landed there.

Products like Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo are really efficient in removing pollutants from one’s hair. Like any good detox shampoo, it assists in washing your hair without damaging it.

There are a variety of hair detox shampoos on the market, and each has specific usage instructions that must be followed precisely. An oversight could have far-reaching consequences for the outcome.


This THC elimination strategy can help you pass a saliva test, which is quite popular. The test looks for traces of drugs in a person’s saliva – in other words, in your mouth.

Most companies use saliva testing to eliminate unsuitable candidates since the findings can be obtained in a short amount of time. You will find different types of detox mouthwashes out there effective enough to mask the presence of THC.

It is common practice to use a detox mouthwash that contains a special composition designed to eliminate any traces of THC from the mouth and throat. Just swish a certain amount of the fluid around the mouth before spitting it out.

Pass A Drug Test In 24 Hours With Home Remedies

Many of us like using home remedies to pass a urine drug test. There are some fantastic home remedies you may use if you don’t have the money to purchase detox drinks or pills or if your health won’t allow you to follow the THC detox methods described above. So, for your feasibility, we have enlisted the guaranteed ways to pass a pee test.


THC concentrations in the body can be lowered by drinking large amounts of water. That’s why you can naturally pass a 24-hour urine drug test.

This method also has drawbacks to consider. It lowers creatinine levels. Fortunately, creatine is commercially available, so you can pick up a bottle and start using it right away, maintaining a perfect balance.

Take an electrolyte-rich green tea beverage just a few hours before a urine test if you need to increase your urine flow. Take a b-vitamin supplement plus, if you can, a weight-based dose of creatine monohydrate. Just urinate several times before providing a sample.


Contrary to popular belief, engaging in physical activity is one of the best do-it-yourself strategies for passing a urine drug test. How? Sweating might help remove cocaine from your system.

You can start an aggressive exercise regimen designed to burn fat cells and flush out any lingering medicine particles just one month before the test. But never do heavy workouts a few days before the test. You can use detox beverages or tablets to permanently get rid of the drug once it has exited your body and is in your urine.

Sure Gel

This gel helps purify your digestive tract. Therefore, on the day of the test, as well as the day before, you should drink two packs of sure gel.

To use, simply dissolve the packet in a glass of Gatorade. The possible adverse effect of diarrhea is the only real problem with this treatment.

Lemon Detox Drink

Detoxing from narcotics like marijuana is easier with the help of a lemon detox drink. Simply whisk a teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass of water. After that, combine some mint and ginger, and consume this concoction at least seven times daily until the day you take your final exam.

It has the antioxidant vitamins A and C, which are crucial for this task. Even a small bit of ginger in this beverage substantially speeds up the body’s detoxification process. Ginger and lemon boost metabolism and facilitate digestion when mixed together.

Cranberry Juice

If you need to pass a drug test and don’t mind a somewhat sour beverage, nothing beats homemade cranberry juice. As a result, more urine is produced, which aids in the detoxification process.

You can drink a mixture of cranberry juice and water as often as you choose throughout the day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In addition to being a tasty addition to salads, apple cider vinegar can help get rid of any leftover THC in your system. You can flush out a lot of nasty chemicals with the help of this miraculous vinegar.

Two tablespoons of vinegar along with 8 ounces of water are all that is needed to prepare this. Preservatives shouldn’t be used, however, if the flavor bothers you, you could choose to add a sugar replacement.


Zinc is found in a number of common medications, and it has been shown that it can impede the effectiveness of drug testing equipment. If taken two hours prior to a drug test, this pill can lessen the likelihood that you will fail a test for cocaine.

Aspirin and Niacin have also been recommended by others. However, taking too many of these medications might induce liver damage and stomach bleeding.

Baking Soda

Consuming baking soda can impede the detection of THC, if your system already has significant quantities.

Two hours before the exam, you can have four teaspoons of baking soda, mixed with eight ounces of water.

An Alternative Solution: TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine

As a backup option, you can get synthetic urine if you are not satisfied with the outcomes of the aforementioned procedures. The color, smell, and consistency are all very close to those of human pee.

Some synthetic piss contain uric acid in order to fool urine drug tests. Some manufacturers include a temperature strip or hand warmer in the package at no extra cost. There is also a tube or a strip – to covertly add pee to your sample cup. Keeping that in mind, Testclear Powdered Human Urine is a good alternative.

Water, uric acid, phosphate, creatinine, potassium chloride, urea, and albumin are all good ingredients to look for in synthetic urine, and these days there are many manufacturers to choose from.

Your question about “how to pass urine analysis” has an answer – and it is TestclearPowdered Human Urine . It’s a powder that has to be combined with water before use.

In addition to being loaded with the nutrients present in natural piss, it also includes an efficient temperature strip. It maintains the body temperature somewhere around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shake the packet after adding some water at normal temperature. Your urine can be heated for 45 continuous minutes if you go to your test place early enough. Control the urine temperature and reheat if necessary, until it reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The final step is to pour the fake pee into the specimen cup. If you’ve never used Testclear Powdered Human Urine before, you should give it a try a day before your actual test.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Your boss can ask for a follicle test. Why? This is because the test might easily show that a person has used drugs within the last three months.

Despite being expensive, this medical test is very accurate. You’ll need to become familiar with this test if you wish to pass it.

The testing method:

  1. A trained technician removes a little section of hair (around 1.5 centimeters) from your scalp.
  2. Experts recommend no more than 120 strands be removed to prevent thinning.
  3. Body hair samples are collected from those who are bald.
  4. Hair follicle tests use two distinct chemical analyses: ELISA and GC/MS.
  5. You can skip the second step if the first one comes negative.
  6. If the result is positive, the second test becomes mandatory.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Hair Strand Test

A hair drug test is highly reliable, therefore here is a list of dos and don’ts to help you avoid failing.


  • Invest in a decent detox shampoo and stick to the instructions on the product.
  • Bleaching can help as it eliminates the number of drug residues to a certain percentage.
  • Continue using the Jerry G method on your hair for at least 10 days even if you have bleached it.
  • Don’t use drugs shortly after bleaching your hair.
  • Use hair detox products to remove THC.


  • Avoid using a hair product that irritates your scalp.
  • Never take a strand test if your scalp is sweaty.
  • Shaving your head doesn’t help to pass the test.
  • Do not put on a wig or any other artificial hair.

Best Tips for Beating Hair Drug Tests

Some health professionals will advise you to use oral detox items. However, that won’t help you in the slightest. This is due to the fact that oral medications have no effect on the hair.

You should begin using an oral detox product no later than three months prior to the test if you really wish to use one. If you follow these steps, you can lessen the number of drug metabolites in your system and prevent them from reaching your hair follicles.

Some Basic Tricks for Clearing A Hair Stand Test

  • Shampoos that haven’t been well tested but are inexpensive, may look appealing at first. But they might not work at all. You should save up for the detox shampoos that have helped so many people get jobs.
  • People will often recommend that you implant synthetic hair into your scalp. It’s a terrible idea because it is easy to tell if the sample is fake or not. Professionals in the lab can see false hair a mile away.
  • The next piece of advice is to use a detox shampoo as a part of a detox regime.  For that, the most popular methods are Macujo or Jerry G. technique. Due to their high costs, you may be tempted to avoid them or search for cheaper alternatives. However, the truth is that there is no alternative way to save your professional reputation.
  • Going bald will not save the day. It can make things more problematic. Lab testers can use hair from your underarms to do the test which might have even more drug residues resulting in a positive test outcome.

Detox shampoos cannot eliminate drug metabolites to the point where a positive test result is impossible. The risk is still there. So, many don’t want to take chances and use additional methods for sure success.

Using hair relaxers, hair color, and different home remedies helps greatly in getting the most sought-after negative test results for drugs. The Macujo method and the Jerry G approach are the best remedies to choose from. These procedures use chemicals that can easily dissolve any drug residues from your follicles.

The Macujo Method

Main goal of this technique is to maintain your scalp free of THC residue so that a drug test by a professional will come back negative. The Macujo method is the quickest and easiest approach to achieve your goals with the least amount of time and effort required, despite its long and confusing name.

With the use of acid, the Macujo method successfully removes all traces of the pot by opening the cuticles and cortex of a hair strand. This may help in passing the test but unfortunately, it can do serious hair damage. Some report dryness and dullness of hair, others believe that it hindered their hair growth.

Instructions for the Macujo Method

  1. Get some warm water and use that to wet your hair. Opening your cuticles and removing any stray oil particles is an essential first step.
  2. Massage some vinegar into your scalp after wetting your hair. Make sure the vinegar solution penetrates your hair by massaging it very thoroughly. Vinegar, especially one high in acetic acid, is excellent for opening the hair shaft and releasing trapped impurities.
  3. Get a shower cap and shampoo with salicylic acid. Use the shampoo in your hair stands and wear a shower cap to let it rest.
  4. After waiting patiently for 30 minutes, wash your hair with water and the Aloe Rid detox shampoo. All the harmful chemicals may be simply washed away with this propylene glycol-rich shampoo.
  5. Repeat this procedure four more times. Tide detergent, when mixed with shampoo, can also help you get a clean scalp.

Please take your time to read and follow all instructions thoroughly. Don’t waste anything, and protect yourself from hazardous chemicals by wearing rubber gloves and goggles. You should not use the Macujo method if you have sensitive skin or a history of skin inflammation.

Why Does the Macujo Method Work So Well?

Water is the solution to your problem. With the cortex loosened up by the lukewarm water, shampoos and acids can more easily penetrate the skin of the scalp and dislodge any remaining THC. However, some of the chemicals in use can also cause burning, so be cautious.

You can use a comb to disperse the acid and shampoos throughout your hair while you apply them. In addition, after the treatment when your hair is free from THC, you might want to wear a shower cap. It is for protecting your hair from the elements around you that may affect the test result.

The Macujo method has the advantage of only needing to be done the day before the exam. It’s also something you can do alone from the comfort of your own home. It’s simpler because it doesn’t require any coloring agents and contains few ingredients.

However, this process is only effective for getting rid of THC and no other pollutants. In addition, acids can be harmful to your scalp, and all of these products are rather pricey. You may rethink using the Macujo method in light of these constraints.

The Macujo method isn’t the only one – the Jerry G method exists as well. But it’s more time-consuming and laborious than the former. If you want the same results as with the Macujo approach, you need to start the Jerry G approach at least 5 – 10 days prior to the exam.

To eliminate the accumulated toxins, the Jerry G method employs the use of bleaches, dyes, and shampoos. In contrast to the Macujo method, this one can be used to eliminate the remnants of a wide variety of drugs, not just THC. However, the Jerry G method isn’t exactly convenient and might not work for folks with busy schedules.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test?

There is also a drug test that collects saliva using a cotton swab in the mouth. The saliva-filled cotton is then analyzed for drug metabolites.

Saliva drug test is a quick, noninvasive, and cost-efficient testing technique used for identifying recent consumption of substances.

Stopping drug use for at least a month will allow you to pass this test. However, if an unexpected test comes up, you can still get a negative result by using the remedies listed below.

Remedies to Pass a Drug Screen

To pass a drug screen, simply invest in a good toothbrush and wash your teeth twice a day. Use the brush to sweep beneath and over the tongue to remove any food particles that may be stuck there. Also you can use peroxide mouthwash to clean your mouth afterward.

Yet, what if you suddenly have a test and no time to go home and brush your teeth? Keep your toothpaste and mouthwash in your bag. Your panic could tip off your bosses, and you could lose your job without even trying.

Find a bathroom as soon as possible before a surprise drug test and brush your teeth and swish with water to remove any traces of drugs from your mouth. It’s crucial to regularly use a peroxide mouthwash to clean your mouth. This is because hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidant, instantly dissolving any medication molecules it comes into contact with.

Blend a solution of 1-part peroxide and 2 parts water. Swish the mouthwash around for a minute or two to ensure that it reaches every crevice.

Some people have had success using alternate, more natural methods to pass a mouth swab drug test. The fact that they are widely used does not, however, guarantee success. Additionally, you can make a mouthwash by combining vinegar and water to neutralize your saliva. Vinegar raises the acidity of fluids, prompting the mouth to generate more saliva to wash out any remaining residues of THC.

If you are short on time, though, you should pick up some mouthwash from a store nearby. Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash is what you should use.

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

In order to pass a marijuana drug test, use this mouthwash regularly. Mint, aloe vera, potassium, water, boron, lithium, and glycerin are only a few of the wonderful constituents of this mouthwash. Witch hazel, a potent ingredient to mask THC, is a key component.

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash Instructions

If you are looking for strategies on how to pass a mouth swab drug test using this mouthwash, the following tips will help you:

  • Swish one-third of the mouthwash around your mouth for three minutes and spit it out afterward.
  • Make sure the fluid reaches every part of your mouth.
  • You should gargle with the mouthwash twice, each time with the same amount.
  • Don’t swallow the mouthwash.

There is a chance that the treatment will leave a not-so-good smell in your mouth, so you might want to chew on a breath mint. This product comes in a convenient 1-ounce bottle. Magnesium and witch hazel in this mouthwash give it a metallic and brackish flavor. And the presence of chloride in the content produces a salty taste.

The mouthwash also has a quite unpleasant flavor. It has a pepperminty flavor and, within the initial minutes of application, you may feel a tingling sensation on your tongue. Keep some mint gum on hand to counteract the slightly bitter aftertaste. Remember to rinse your mouth with water after each using the mouthwash.

Final Words

In this article, we wanted to give you a comprehensive solution for all types of drug tests. The mentioned products in the article have high ratings on the web and loads of positive reviews left by users who passed drug tests. This also tells you how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally.

Hopefully, this will guide you in the right direction so you too can pass hair, saliva, or urine drug tests. Just be extra careful about the usage instructions written on the products. Previously, many failed – even with highly effective detox products. The main reason behind their failures is not following the instructions properly.

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