4Medica: Online Ordering & Results

PeaceHealth Laboratories is committed to using information technology to do business securely and conveniently. Our Web browser-based system, 4Medica, is designed to do just that: simplify test orders and results retrieval. This facilitates a direct, real-time connection between our laboratories and you. For any active client of PeaceHealth Laboratories, all you need is a computer and internet connection, both can be provided by our information services team.

Flexibilty is Key

4Medica is flexibly designed to allow delta 8 users to obtain the data they need, from an individual patient’s test results to a cumulative report of results from multiple dates. The software’s sophisticated functionality also automatically loads patient demographics for increased accuracy and efficiency, and allows users to view patients by custom-designed categories, such as patients with diabetes or research-study participants.

For information on how to use 4Medica to simplify your test ordering and results retrieval, call Client Services.

Proven Software Saves Time

Our proven software delivers tens of thousands of results each month, saving time and reducing the chance for error. 4Medica delivers secure data transmission, with 128-bit SSL encryption and support from the country’s leading independent provider of clinical data. Other features include:

  • Free software, installation and onsite training
  • Rapid turnaround, with real-time access to patient reports
  • Multi-site accessibility via the Internet—anywhere and anytime
  • HIPAA-compliant patient-data handling
  • Easy interface to most information and practice management systems (system requirements)

To configure 4Medica for your browser, please click on “Configure Browser Settings” in the upper right near the log in icon.


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