Cervical Cancer Screening Tests

Cervical Cancer Screening Tests

ACOG practice guidelines recommend that a routine Pap test begins at age 21, or when sexually active.  PeaceHealth Laboratories offers both ThinPrep® and SurePath™ Pap testing methods for optimal clinician flexibility and reliability.

Pap testing: more than just “routine”

ThinPrep® and SurePath™ Liquid-Based Paps are:

  1. FDA-approved
  2. Refer fewer women to colposcopy
  3. Resulted within 48 hours
  4. Able to perform HPV testing from the same vial

ThinPrep® Advanced Imaging Technology: The ThinPrep® Imaging System has been added to our offerings to enhance the current ThinPrep® cervical cancer screening test. Computer imaging technology is used to prescreen ThinPrep Paps and identify key areas for subsequent review by our Cytotechnologists. This dual review screening increases detection of Cervical Dysplasia and provides for a higher level of diagnostic accuracy than the ThinPrep Pap alone.

SurePath™: Simplified collection, with 100% of the collected sample transferred to the vial for processing in the lab. Allows physician to perform Pap tests in a wide variety of clinical presentations (e.g. blood, mucous and inflammation) with maximum confidence in the result.

High Risk HPV Reflex Testing

ACOG Practice Guidelines recommend that women be tested for HPV (human papillomavirus) in tandem with Pap tests beginning at age 30. High risk HPV reflex testing is available with the ThinPrep® liquid-based Pap. PeaceHealth Laboratories holds cervical specimens for a minimum of 30 days to facilitate reflex testing to avoid a recollect if there is a concern related to HPV.

HPV 16/18 Genotyping

ASCCP Practice Guidelines have determined that, in cytology negative women 30 years and older who are HPV DNA positive, molecular genotyping assays to detect HPV 16 and 18 would be clinically useful to determine who may need an immediate colposcopy, and who could be followed-up with repeat cytology and high-risk HPV testing in 12 months.

HPV 16 and 18 infections account for 70% of all cervical cancer. HPV genotypes 16 and 18 should warrant special consideration given their significant link to cervical cancer. Roche cobas® HPV 16/18 Genotyping is now available on the ThinPrep® vial.

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