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PeaceHealth Laboratories is a leader in reference laboratory testing in part due to our extensive courier network, which includes PeaceHealth Laboratories auto and contracted land/air courier services. Specimen pickup and report delivery are provided at no charge for specimens tested by PeaceHealth Laboratories or our designated reference laboratories.

To inquire about scheduled stops and courier service, call Courier Services


Eugene/Springfield 541-341-8049 
Eugene/Springfield Toll Free 800-826-3616, ext. 8049
Portland Toll Free 866-896-9097 


Northwest Washington 360-738-6332 
Vancouver 360-514-3177

Transport Instructions: Specimen Handling/Shipping

To ensure the safety of personnel and the community, proper handling of specimens for shipment is mandatory. Specimens will be rejected if submitted improperly. 

The shipper is responsible for the proper packaging and shipping of all specimens. Shippers must be trained and certified by their employer to be able to prepare and ship packages containing diagnostic specimens, biological substances and infectious substances. Rules of the various agencies involved may differ, and may change regularly.

Specimen must have at least two patient identifiers and be packaged in sealed plastic bags to prevent leakage or contamination. Place accompanying paperwork in the bag pocket, away from the specimen. Practice universal blood and body fluid precautions when handling specimens.

For tests that require scheduling or special arrangements prior to specimen collection, refer to the Online Test Menu for more information.


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