Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Are you looking for Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews? If the answer is positive then you might have a urine drug test to pass. The fake pee kit has been helping out people in beating urinalysis for years now. But is it a good choice?

Certain workplaces prohibit the recreational use of weed, and they conduct drug tests every two months. This means that if you’ve consumed any type of cannabis, you might get a positive drug test result. If you’re smart about it, though, you can smoke pot and still do well on a drug test.

Most drug screenings use urine, so if you want to pass a test, all you need is a synthetic urine kit. In this Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this product. But before we get into why we believe this to be the best synthetic urine 2023 on the market let’s know the basics of fake piss. Spectrum Lab made Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass a drug test. Keep reading PeaceHealth Laboratories to get know more about it.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

Synthetic Urine: Fake Pee for Urinalysis

Synthetic urine, also known as fake or laboratory urine, is a substance designed to look, smell, taste, and, most importantly, contain the same chemicals as real human urine. Premium synthetic urine contains all the same biochemicals as real pee. Both real and synthetic samples of urine have very similar specific gravities and pH values.

Why Cannot You Tell Apart Synthetic Urine from Human Piss?

The fake urine has been artificially created to resemble real urine. Here are the four most important factors that manufacturers keep in mind while making it:


Scientists have developed a way to give synthetic urine a convincing color. Instead of being colorless, it tends to have a ‘warm’ yellowish hue.

Level of Creatinine

Elevated creatinine levels are added by chemists to produce fake urine to pass drug tests and to make it look more authentic. The presence of creatinine is essential for the efficacy of any synthetic urine product. It’s a common test subject because it’s a byproduct of muscle metabolism.


The temperature of the urine is measured by the chemists before they add any chemicals to make the liquid look real.

The pH Level

Urine pH is determined by diluting some of the original components to make the sample appear more neutral. Once the urine has been tested, any necessary adjustments are made.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix: Best Fake Pee for Drug Test

After reading your boss’s letter, your mind will immediately go to Quick Fix synthetic urine. Drug policies in the 50 states of the United States vary widely. Recreational or medical cannabis use may be legal in some states, while in others it is illegal for reasons that remain unclear. While some states have legalized THC and made it available without a prescription, many employers still administer drug tests to ensure the health and safety of their staff.

There’s probably a good reason why major corporations do this. People who operate heavy machinery, drive trucks or have other demanding responsibilities need to pass drug tests as a matter of common sense and responsibility. So, if you are not involved in any high-risk jobs then you can use solutions like fake pee to save your job.

There is no doubt that using synthetic urine to pass a urine test is the quickest and most reliable option. Researchers wanted to test if synthetic urine can be a substitute for a real piss. According to the research published in PubMed synthetic urine passed drug tests without getting detected. Kits are convenient, but their use calls for some know-how as well as a pinch of luck. After all, you’ll need to sneak it into the exam and make the exchange while avoiding detection by the test inspector.

When conducting a comprehensive drug test, traces of cannabis can still be detected even after 4-5 weeks. Even if you only smoke marijuana on occasion or quit a month ago, a positive result on a drug test can ruin your professional prospects. If you have the time, detoxing your body could be the answer. But if you’re in a bind and can’t afford to lose your job for even five or ten days then use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine to pass a drug test.

Quick Fix: Ingredients

Quick Fix synthetic urine is specifically crafted with the optimal ratio of the following ingredients:

  1. Creatinine
  2. Uric acid
  3. Vitamins
  4. Urea

The exact ingredients and proportions are, of course, a closely guarded trade secret. Spectrum Labs is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date synthetic urine on the market. Thus, they are constantly developing new ways to advance the formula.

How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

The item is not sold in a pre-assembled state. This will take you a couple of minutes to set up. The “urine” can stay fresh for up to 8 hours thanks to the included kit, which is plenty of time to submit a valid sample.

What you need to do to pass your impending drug test is as follows:

Step 1

Open the kit and make preparations. Warm the bottle for 10 seconds in the microwave to get it to the proper temperature. Those without microwaves can warm the bottle to a working temperature by wrapping it in the heat pad included in the Quick Fix kit and heating it to between 92- and 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

This process takes about 45 minutes longer if you choose to warm the synthetic urine on a heating pad rather than in a microwave.

Step 2

The next step is to use the temperature strip that came with the kit to take a reading. The optimal temperature range is 92–98 degrees. Most human urine has a consistent temperature after leaving the body.

If the temperature is below the specified range, reheat the bottle for a while.

If the temperature strip is malfunctioning, however, you should let the bottle cool down before taking another reading.

Step 3

Wrap the bottle in the heating pad so it stays warm for about 8 hours. That is roughly the length of a typical workday. The entire time you are at work and during which you are expected to provide a sample is thus covered.

Some find it hard to figure out the use of the temperature strip.  Use the provided manual to get the bottle to the right temperature.

Attach the sample containing the bottle with your body. Because of your body heat, the bottle will remain warm, and you won’t draw any attention to yourself when bringing it into the testing room. You’ll need the heating pad if you’re going to keep the bottle warm while it’s in your bag.

Step 4

There is one more step left to complete. Keep the sample bottle handy until you are summoned for the test. Shake the bottle of Quick Fix (the bubbles add realism) and then pour some out. Put some in the cup. Now hand it over.

At this point, all that remains is for you to be patient. Wait for the outcomes without showing any signs of anxiety.

Does It Really Work

The product is designed to fool the urinalysis machine. There is a high degree of similarity between its chemical makeup and that of actual human urine. To ensure universal acceptance as “normal” human urine, free of drugs, nicotine, alcohol, and the like, across a variety of testing facilities.

Although initially created for fetish purposes, this product has found widespread use among those who must regularly take urine tests.

Quick Fix is available for sale online for years. Despite the passage of time, its popularity has not waned; in fact, it has amassed hundreds of glowing customer reviews. Countless reviews online vouch for its effectiveness. So, yes, the quick fix does work. And the product quality is top-notch.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

So, Why Should You Select Quick Fix?

Quick Fix’s first great feature is that it has a 100% success rate. To pass a drug test, you need not worry. And, it’s not a particularly difficult procedure either.

Quick Fix has a remarkable competitive edge due to several advantages that it enjoys over its rivals in this market. You can list them as follows:

Shelf Life

When compared to competing brands, Quick Fix synthetic urine lasts significantly longer. It has a shelf life of at least two years after purchase.

Therefore, as long as the sample size remains the same, you are free to take and pass an unlimited number of drug tests within the allotted time frame of two years.

Additionally, the product is safe for repeated reheating. The product’s chemical makeup and molecular structure will remain unchanged.

You can still use the same bottle of Quick Fix even if your company moves the date of a drug test by a month.

User Friendly

The convenience of Quick Fix’s pre-mixed form lies in how quickly and easily it can be applied.

The Powdered Urine sold by some manufacturers must be diluted with water to resemble human urine.

Includes All the Essential Ingredients

The chemical makeup of Quick Fix synthetic urine is perfect. It was synthesized in a lab to have precisely the right hue, texture, weight, and chemical. Creatine, uric acid, and other chemicals are examples of these.

It’s perfectly safe to use because it’s a replica of real human urine. You won’t have to worry about coming into contact with any dangerous substances. It’s also important to note that people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds can use this product to help them pass a drug test.

Why Should You Buy Quick Fix?

Let’s look at what makes the kit unique and successful. It is important to know all the aspects before making a buying decision.

Serves Multiple Purposes

As PeaceHealth claims, Quick Fix synthetic urine can be used for more than just passing drug tests and keeping jobs.

Quick Fix synthetic urine has a wide range of applications in other fields and amongst different groups of people.

Photographers who specialize in wildlife often use it to lure in their subjects without scaring them away. People who live in areas with lots of foliage, on the other hand, often use synthetic urine as a way to keep wild creatures away from their homes.

Companies that produce cleaning supplies frequently use synthetic urine in demonstrations to prove that their products work. Synthetic urines are also utilized by research facilities and academic medical centers for testing and education purposes.

In addition to these, Quick Fix synthetic urine has potential applications in agriculture as fertilizer, in the testing of products, in space travel, and other scientific endeavors.

This “urine” is clean, toxin-free, and fresh, making it ideal for pee therapy, pranking friends, and satisfying sexual fetishes.

Fresh and free of any toxins that may be prevalent in actual urine, this synthetic urine can be used by anyone and provides more reliable results in scientific testing. After all, it shares many of the same characteristics as real pee, such as a normal pH and the presence of various chemicals, but in the correct proportions.

Hard To Identify

Numerous companies have made synthetic urine over the years, but none of them could ever guarantee a hundred percent success rate. Again, several medical research facilities have developed cutting-edge methods for distinguishing synthetic from real urine.

Quick Fix, however, has sealed up most of these holes, making it extremely difficult for chemists to tell the difference between their synthetic urine and real pee. There is a significant difference between Quick Fix products and other brands’ synthetic urines when it comes to color, pH level, gravity, texture, and consistency, as determined by a scientific comparison.

Confidential Purchase

When it comes to shipping and billing, Quick Fix is just as discreet as its name suggests. You can buy this pack of “synthetic urine” with confidence knowing that it has a discrete billing system and secure packaging that keeps the contents from prying eyes.

Research-Based Work

Quick Fix’s products are based on evidence-based formulas. With every passing year, Quick Fix gets better and better. The company is dedicated to improving its products in every way possible to make you feel safe using them.

Spectrum Labs, the company behind Quick Fix, makes sure its findings and formulations are always up to date to meet modern consumers’ needs and respond to emerging trends and scientific discoveries.

Quick Fix, the most recent release, boasts a 99.9 percent success rate, making it the most reliable product of its kind.

Quick Fix Vs. Quick Fix Plus: What’s the difference?

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to pass a urine drug test, Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine are two of the highest-rated products on the market. So if you are wondering “does Quick Fix work in labs?”, don’t worry because both products offer realistic, lab-grade synthetic urine that is designed to imitate the real thing in order to pass a drug test.

The main difference between Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus is the amount of product you receive. With Quick Fix (full name is Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine), you receive 2 ounces of synthetic urine while with Quick Fix Plus (or Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine), you get 3 ounces. It mainly comes down to personal preference and how much urine you may need. If you’re concerned about how to use Quick Fix Plus properly, then you should follow Quick Fix Plus instructions which are basically the same as for Quick Fix fake pee.

In case you are about to follow additional tests or have an unusually large sample size required for your drug test, then opting for the larger bottle may be a good choice. Otherwise, we recommend choosing “regular” Quick Fix fake pee.

Both Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine reviews are highly positive across multiple platforms with many users noting their success passing urine drug tests with either variation of the product. However, it is worth noting that both versions must be kept at body temperature when submitting your sample or it may appear suspicious in laboratory tests.

It is also worth noting that there are so many positive Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus reviews around the country because of its permanent quality monitoring. Notable for its batch validation system which helps protect against counterfeiting and other fraudulent activity. Each batch number is unique and all batches are regularly tested by the company in order to ensure quality and stability over time. The batches can also be updated through an online validator if necessary.

Overall, if you’re looking for an effective way to pass a urine drug test, then Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus are both excellent choices since they offer a realistic imitation of real human urine that can help you pass in labs with flying colors!

Where To Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

One of the product’s drawbacks is that it’s in short supply. The official Spectrum Labs website is the best place to purchase it. The website offers more than just synthetic urine for sale. They also offer detox beverages, urine tests, and urine boosters.

Quick Fix sells it directly on its website, where it can be shipped to you in a variety of covert ways. Express shipping options are available, including overnight delivery, and the company is responsive to rush orders.

In addition to Quick Fix’s fantastic delivery options, their website also offers discounts in the form of coupons. Simply do a web search for “Quick Fix coupon codes.” Get lucky and you might find some great coupon code deals to help you save money.

You can find authorized Quick Fix distributors and authorized resellers by searching the official Spectrum Labs website. You can buy the product from eBay or Amazon too.

Find a distributor, but also secure a trustworthy supplier. Keep an eye out for the Quick Fix logo and make note of the product’s scheme and batch number. Additionally, make sure you check the product’s expiration date.

To avoid unintended consequences, you should steer clear of synthetic urine that has passed its expiration date.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

Price Of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

For the best price visit the official website where you can buy the product for around 30 dollars. You can also make your purchase from eBay. But currently, they are selling it at 50 dollars. No retailer can give you better offers than the manufacturers themselves. So, buy only from the official website.

What More Can You Get with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

By using Quick Fix synthetic urine, you can avoid the expense of purchasing detox pills or beverages. In light of the stringent policies at the clinics where the samples must be delivered, it is prudent to acquire a false penis. You can be watched the entire time you urinate, but the fake penis will make it seem like everything is under control.

The Incognito Belt, the Monkey Whizz (for ladies), the Whizzinator, and Urinator are all available to the public as discreet urination aids. You can find a monkey whizz or a piss perfect in a range of colors to find the one that best suits your skin tone. Before bringing the sample to the lab, you should get some practice with the urination device at home. This decreases any chances of mistakes that might create awkward situations.

Quick Fix sells urination aids like urine belts and stash leg straps. You can buy those to pour the sample into the cup with utter discreteness. These additional products will be helpful if you are going to take a supervised drug test.

Quick Fix: Pros and Cons


  • There are many raving reviews of the Quick Fix synthetic urine on the internet.
  • Spectrum Labs conducts efficacy tests on the synthetic urine to ensure its quality and reliability.
  • The Quick Fix urine has a remarkable two-year life span.
  • If you need to submit the sample in the coming days, simply reheat the urine and do so when necessary.
  • Passing a drug test is assured 99.9% of the time, as stated by the manufacturer.
  • When compared to other detox options, such as pills or drinks, the Quick Fix synthetic urine is easy to use.
  • This fake piss has the same consistency, smell, and taste as real urine.
  • Urine that has already been mixed and has the right urea and specific gravity levels.
  • Microwaveable, inexpensive, and made from a heating pad and temperature strips.


  • Quick Fix fake pee for urinalysis has not always been successful for users.
  • The cost of the supplementary urination apparatus can quickly add up.

Manufacturer Info

Address: 513 VENTURES, LLC 8190 Beachmont Ave, Suite 312 Cincinnati, OH 45255
Manufacturer: Spectrum Labs
Phone: 1-866-364-5738
Email: [email protected]
Official Website: www.quickfixurine.com
Contact Hours: 9 AM-8 PM (Saturday and Sunday Closed)

Quick Fix is a synthetic urine product that has been on the market for a while now.  It’s marketed as a way to help people pass drug tests and is popular among those trying to do so. Unfortunately, not all states in the US allow Quick Fix or synthetic urine products. In fact, some states have gone so far as to make it illegal to possess or use them for attempting to falsify a drug test result.

Illinois is one of the states in the US that has placed restrictions on fake pee including Quick Fix specifically related to drug testing. The law states that it is illegal for any person to use or sell synthetic pee including Quick Fix.

“It is unlawful for a person to manufacture, sell, give away, distribute, or market synthetic or human substances or other products in this State or transport urine into this State with the intent of using the synthetic or human substances or other products to defraud a drug or alcohol screening test.”

Michigan authorities have followed a similar way toward making synthetic urine an outlaw.
Other states such as Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Nevada, Utah, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Oklahoma also have laws prohibiting possession and/or use of Quick Fix or any other synthetic urine with regard to attempting to falsify drug test results.

In other countries around the world such as Ireland and Japan, there are similar laws in place regarding the possession and/or use of fake pee with regard to attempting to pass a drug test. Germany has even gone as far as banning synthetic urine entirely due to its inability for detection by drug testing companies.

The legality of Quick Fix pee is important information for anyone considering using this product prior to taking a drug test. While it may seem like an easy way out of the situation at hand, the risks simply aren’t worth it considering the legal ramifications that could follow if caught. If you’re looking for alternative methods on how best to handle your upcoming drug test it would be best advised by consulting professionals who can provide guidance on what’s best for your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Tell That the Synthetic Pee Is Fake?

If you consider heating it up and giving it a good shake, no one will suspect anything.

How Much Quantity of Urine Should I Put into The Bottle?

You only need two or three tablespoons. If you find it difficult to use, try watching a video on Quick Fix synthetic urine instructions.

Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine in 2023?

Yes, they can if the test was meant to detect fake piss. But usually, drug testing labs don’t test for that. So you don’t need to panic.

How Long Can I Use It?

Quick Fix synthetic urine has a shelf life of one year, after which it may no longer be effective.

Can I Put Quick Fix In The Freezer And Use It Later?

Doing so is not advised, it could result in a failed test.

Where Can I Find Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Near Me?

You can buy it online and get it delivered to you directly or find a local store that offers Quick Fix.

Can Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Be Harmed By Exposure To Sunlight?

Exposure to sunlight for extended periods can degrade the composition of synthetic urine. Make sure to buy a new product if you have left it out in the sun for an extended period, as this will cause the old one to malfunction.

Can I Add Anything Else To Quick Fix Sample?

In other words, you can’t tamper with your system to fake your way through a drug test. All the ingredients needed to do the job are included in this formula. Additionally, do not combine the contents of two synthetic urine bottles. This method may also have unintended consequences for the product’s overall composition.

How To Use Quick Fix Without A Microwave Oven?

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to a microwave, you can heat the Quick Fix pee by using hot water. Boil some water and pour it into a cup, then submerge the Quick Fix bottle into the water. Make sure that the water level is above the line on the bottle that indicates how much urine is inside. Let it sit in the hot water for about 10 minutes, or until the desired temperature is reached.

Can A 5-panel Drug Test Detect Fake Urine?

The vast majority of 5-panel drug tests will not be able to detect whether or not urine is fake. However, there are some newer, more sophisticated tests that may be able to tell the difference. If you’re concerned that your urine might be tested for authenticity, it’s best to err on the side of caution and use a trusted brand of fake pee, such as Quick Fix.

How long does a Quick Fix last after heating?

Once heated, Quick Fix will stay at an optimal temperature for about 6-8 hours with the heating pad.

Customer Reviews

Positive Review
Most Quick Fix urine reviews are positive, so that was not difficult to find some of them on the Internet.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Positive Review

Matt recommends the Quick Fix for urine drug tests. It seems like reading a ton of reviews did lead him to the best solution.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Positive Review

The customer did a good job by taking his brother’s recommendation seriously. The customer got the job with the help of Quick Fix. Even though the user wasn’t sure about the product at first, now he recommends it to others.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Positive Review

The Reddit user had to be patient with the result but the best thing is that she passed.

Negative Reviews

We have also tried to find some negative Quick Fix reviews.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Negative Review

There is no way of telling if the user followed all the instructions since he doesn’t mention anything about it. Thus, we cannot assume that the product did not work. The tester could be a solid reason for failing the first test.

Final Thoughts

After researching online Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews and contrasting them with competing for fake urine kits, we give it 4.8 out of 5 stars. Hundreds of happy customers who bought the product online and then used it to pass a drug test attest to its efficacy. The Quick Fix is the easy, effective solution with a 99.9% success rate, regardless of how often or how rarely you have used alcohol or cannabis.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing Quick Fix synthetic urine, read up on the product’s specifics on the official website, such as its ingredients, shelf life, how to use it, etc. You can also get heating pads, urination aids, and even synthetic urine if you need it.

We recommend purchasing the urinary device or Piss Perfect kit at least two weeks prior to your test date. It’ll get you used to the gadget and adjust to it much faster.

The overall success rate of Quick Fix synthetic urine is quite high. If you fail a drug test while using this product, the company promises to refund your money.

It can be stored for a long time. Having a pack on hand will allow you to quickly and easily pass any unexpected drug tests that may come your way.

If you are looking for “Quick Fix synthetic urine near me”, buy it from a trusted brand, such as Quick Fix. It is your best bet if you’ve recently been using marijuana but don’t have time to detox.

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