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Methodology: BCB staining of buffy coat concentrate of young red blood cells.
Edit Date: 1/18/2008
Performed: Daily
Released: Within 24 hours.
CPT Code: 85441
Specimen Collection Details
Collection: One 4 mL lavender top tube (EDTA).
Handling: Leave as whole blood. Send to the laboratory for testing within 24 hours of collection. Refrigerate.
Stability: 24 hours refrigerated. Unstable frozen.
Standard Volume: 4 mL whole blood.
Minimum Volume: 1 mL whole blood.
Transport: Refrigerated.
Comments: For detection of Heinz body inclusions (denatured hemoglobin) in red blood cells. These may occur in specific hemolytic anemias such as G6PD deficiency, or unstable hemoglobin disease.
Rejection Criteria: Clotted or frozen specimen; marked hemolysis.

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