Walmart drug test

Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation that owns discount department stores and grocery stores, amongst other things, is responsible for over 2.3 million employees worldwide. Walmart is one of the top providers of workplaces. That is why, there are a lot of search requirements, such as «does Walmart drug test new employees in 2022», «Walmart drug testing policy» and « Walmart pre-employment drug screen» are extremely popular. And with such a massive staff force, a huge reputation which they have to protect and the heavy machines its staff operates, it is no surprise that the corporation carries out regular and random drug tests on their employees and mandatory drug tests on people applying for a position in any of their numerous stores to promote a healthy workplace.

The Structure of Drug Testing at Walmart

Although there are many ways to test for the presence of drugs in a person’s system, Walmart employs urine testing and, occasionally, saliva testing. In addition to these, there are various types of tests carried out on employees as well as job applicants at Walmart which can depend on a number of factors and the reasons for each test can greatly differ. Drug testing at Walmart is a relatively simple process that usually follows a top-bottom approach. Meaning local managers are the ones who call for the drugs and alcohol test from the employees, or people applying for entry-level positions at the local retail store. The employees are led to a bathroom and are given tubes or cups which they provide fresh urine samples in. These samples have to be provided within 24 hours of when it is called for or the manager will count it as invalid or positive. The employee is not allowed to carry any other item into the bathroom with the tube or cup so as not to invalidate the result or give room for tampering. The sample is given to a lab scientist who runs several tests and analysis to find any hard drug like cocaine, heroine, methamphetamine, traces of marijuana and a spike in alcohol level. The results are then returned from the laboratory within one or two days, depending on how long the analysis takes. A refusal by the employee to carry out a Walmart random drug test, whether based on suspicion or after a work-related accident, could lead to a termination of contract for the staff, and would disqualify a job applicant a place in the store irrespective of if they meet the qualifications in other areas. Also, if the sample produced by either the employee or job applicant shows any proof of being tampered with, the manager has the right to write off the result as being positive or disqualify an applicant instantly.

Does Walmart Carry Out Tests on Entry-level Positions?

Walmart carries out routine drug tests on people applying for certain positions more than it does for  other applicants. For example, they test people applying for positions in pharmacy (since they’ll be dealing with drugs and giving out prescriptions), deli, Tyre and Lube Express (TLE), and auto department where the staff deal with heavy machines that are expensive to maintain and fix when damaged. Apart from these departments, drug testing is not a requirement for employment. To further accentuate this, people who apply for managerial roles in a Walmart retail store are not required to take a drug test. It is optional for them.

Drug and Alcohol Tests at Walmart

At Walmart, a variety of home drug tests are offered both in the store and online. The prominent brand associated with them is the Equate Home Drug Test. Walmart, over the counter and online, offers two drug tests with lab verification: First Check and the already mentioned Equate, which is their very own brand. Both have the same price, between $12-$13 and offer the same quality of lab verification service. If you’re seeking to do a one off test, then Walmart has you covered, but it’s best for businesses to order in bulk from TestCountry which offers: 5 Panel SalivaConfirm Premium Saliva Drug Test, and up to a dozen urine drug test cups. Walmart at home drug test kits can detect the presence of up to seven different substances which makes it not only convenient to use but effective.

Pre-employment Testing

Walmart carries out mandatory tests on people applying for a position in certain departments. This required pre-employment urine or saliva drug test does not guarantee employment. If you don’t pass Walmart the drug test, then the chances of landing a position dwindles to zero even if you meet the other job’s requirements. Walmart doesn’t carry pre-employment tests on people applying for a managerial position or for placements where the safety requirement is high and the care and use of heavy equipment are relatively low.  Keep reading to know, how to pass Walmart drug test.

Random Testing

Apart from the test required before employment, when the position is secured, Walmart can carry out random tests on its employees which is usually at the discretion of the designated manager in the local store. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as Walmart employs a lot of people and has to be accountable for how their employee’s actions affect the business in general, the reputation of the corporation, and the customers as well. And to checkmate deception from employed staff who might have taken detox pills for drug test Walmart hours before the mandatory drug test required to secure employment, or long-time employed staff who may have been reckless in their conduct and show up to work inebriated, which can lead to damage of goods, hardware, be a risk to customers and cost the company in terms of money or reputation.

Reasonable Suspicion Test

If a manager suspects an employee of substance abuse, they can call for a suspicion test which requires the employee to produce a urine or saliva sample for testing. Grounds of suspicion may vary but it is within the discretion of the local retail manager to ask for a test on the grounds of suspicion, no matter how trivial. It’s better to call for a test that turns out negative than to ignore the circumstances that surround the prompt of suspicion. A refusal to comply on the path of the employee can be interpreted as a positive result by the manager and can lead to an immediate termination of contract, unless the staff capitulates eventually. Because, if the staff has not dabbled with drugs or alcohol of any form while on duty, why would they be reluctant to perform a test that takes only just a few minutes of their time.

Post-accident Testing

In the case of an accident, after the rukus has cleared and the situation has been sorted out, the manager can call for a drug test to ensure the employees involved in handling the equipment or directly tied to the incident weren’t under the influence when the accident occured. Once again, failure for the employee to comply with the request for the drug test could lead to further suspicion as to how the accident occured in the first place and risk termination of contract if they remain obstinate in regards to the required urine or saliva test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does Walmart still drug test people in 2022?

Yes, they do but not every job position comes with a drug test mandate. It’s in the Walmart drug testing policy. They carry out pre-employment prescription drugs and drug testing for employment which is acknowledged by the law. And as already mentioned, the positions that require a drug test are pharmacy, deli, Tyre and Lube Express (TLE) and auto departments. Those applying for managerial positions and service job providers are not required to take a drug test.

  •     What kind of drug test does Walmart use?

Walmart has different testing kits they use to check for the presence of alcohol and the presence of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. The two main testing methods practiced are the collection of urine samples and saliva test, which the saliva drug test kit Walmart  makes easy to carry out as it is portable and gives instant results from just a swab.

  • When are you asked to take a test?

There are different reasons and times when a test will be required. For those applying for positions in pharmacy, deli, TLE, and auto departments, a drug and alcohol test is required as a part of the interview process. Apart from this, the local retail manager can call for a random test from any employee based on a number of reasons: if there are grounds for suspicion of working under the influence, the manager can ask fo a suspicion test, and in the wake of a work-related accident the manager can also ask for a post-accident test.

  • Does Walmart drug test you on the first interview?

Yes, Walmart pre-employment screening process involves the Walmart drug test using their saliva drug test kit that gives instant, rapid and accurate drug analysis for a person’s drug level for the past 90 days.


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